Sunday, April 29, 2012


So looking at my other posts I found out that I did not tell you that my bees died over this spring. So we think that they were so small of a cluster they didn't want to go to the top box to eat the honey. Well we have new bees now. We enjoyed it so much that we got three this year. One is of course mine the other is my Dad's (and Mom's) and the third is my Brother's which he won. We just got the bees yesterday. It was amazing. I got stung yesterday when one bee was crawling up my shorts. That was not amazing. Lets just say it was very uncomfortable. Rule #1 Never wear shorts without rubber bands around the legs. Today we ended up believing Nick had a robbing attack because we put the feeder on the top of the bars. Well the thing is about a top bar hive is that the lid isn't really a full blown lid. The lids only purpose is to protect the bees from the elements. There are holes on each side of the lid. The other two are plugging away just fine. I will go ahead and post another in about 1-2 days when we get in to see if the queen has been released.