Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hey Guys,
Yesterday my parents went to Orem to get my medication and were talking to the guy who owns the shop and  he said that the time that I needed to medicate was when I pulled off the honey supers. So today I medicated my bees and that went better that expected so here is the process:
We took 2 pounds of powdered sugar and added it to the Duramyacin we also took the varroa strips and put them in and we also put in a protein patty. We put 1 teaspoon of the Duramyacin on the right side of the frames on the bottom box and the same on the left side. We put a varroa strip on the right third on the fourth frame and a strip on the left third of the 5th frame. We put the protein patty on the top of the second box. They had a good 7-8 frames filled with honey so they should make it through the winter. Also we have to do the Duramyacin medications every 5 days for three times so we have two more times to medicate. We also have to take out the strips 21 days after today. I will keep you updated on where they are every five days. Here are also some pictures of what was in the hive today:

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