Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Daddy Bee Whisperer First Swarm Containment

Don't panic it was not our bees that swarmed.....We received a call from my brother saying he had a swarm in is back yard.  I went to investigate.

Yep, you have a swarm.  Ok everything we have seen and read says we cut the branch and shake the bees in to their new home.  Nice and easy Bee Keeping for Dummies tells us we don't need a full suit up these bees are at their most genteelness stage. The have no home, food, or brood to protect.  Well I assure you with this many Bees I was taking no chances.

Suite and Smoke for me.  Ok ready lets cut the branch and shake.

Oops, no branch this is the chain link fence, anyone got a grinder.

Well this story does not end well, no one got hurt but I failed a my first attempt to catch a swarm.  I tried shoveling them like Jones Bee store told me,  I tried brushing them in to a box I could catch a few but most just pushed to the other side of the fence.  I was puzzled so I set up my newly bought and painted hive with sugar water in it hoping they would just migrate in. Ten minutes later as we sat and watched the wind picked up and like a twister the all took flight and were gone:(


  1. That is crazy! Glad no one got hurt. Aren't you glad you got a suit that would fit both of you? lol

  2. Yes and it fits me better than him :) LOL