Friday, June 3, 2011

First inspection on the Second Box

Yesterday, Mitch opened up his hive to see what progress his bees have made.

We included some new photos, they are really reproducing.

 After removing the second box this is what you see on top of the first box! Hundreds of little busy bees!
 This is what they have done on several frames in the second box, notice that they have begun building out their comb.
This is what one of the lower frames looked like yesterday. This is capped brood which holds larva, when they begin honey production it will be bright white.
 We call this guy the bee whisperer.
 Hopefully you can click on this photo and see the queen in the middle.
 This is a piece of comb that fell off during the inspection.
This is not good they are a little mad.  Notice they all have there rear ends in the air, they are giving off scents or pheromones alerting other bees on danger.  Quick get the smoke!

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