Thursday, June 23, 2011

Third Box added time for HONEY!

Well it is time to add the honey box. Mitchell has been very anxious to get in his hive and add this third box. It was 94 degrees and the bees did not like us disturbing there home in this heat.

This looks like another swarm but it is the bees on the outside of the hive trying to cool off. Not sure if it is the heat or if they are mad at Mitch :)
They are making lots and lots of honey in the second box and even down into the first.  We are seeing less and less brood.  We are hoping that everything is ok. here is the honey we saw, it was dripping all over.
Other things to note was a drone, Male bee landed on Mitch's suit and we got a good picture to show you.

What a trade off this guy lives longer but come winter he will be forced out.  Another fact is he has no stinker.
 This picture was a few days ago we believe there was a hatch because the hive was very busy.  Many bees climbing out and up the hive to take flight off the roof. They then fly in circles called orientation flight.
This one was taken after the third box was added and the bees cover the box and fan there wings.  This is called bearding again they are trying to cool down.

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  1. we had a dead bee on our deck on the table. It was a larger bee, we noticed it did not have a stinger. Drone? who knows... but it was interesting.