Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sunday Inspection 6-5-2011

I know we just opened up the hive on Thursday but Mitchell's Grand Father and Uncle came over for lunch and he wanted to show them off.  I am sure we are opening them up too much but we are beginners and learning and having fun watching their progress. Here is what we saw........I was impressed to see how much they have multiplied and how much they have built since Thursday.....3 days ago.....let me show you.
 This photo was taken Thursday notice the raised comb being built.
 This one was taken Sunday!  Look closer at the next I think I see honey!
 Well kind of fuzzy but trust me there was uncapped honey in this comb.

I was also looking at the photo's of the bottom box, when we first opened it we thought the some of the frames were covered with bees.  Two weeks later the numbers have doubled. Look at this photo taken May 21, 2001
 Amazing so many Bees!
 June 02, 2011 more bees!
 June 5, 2011 No Room for any more bees on this frame!

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